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  Materials for Pirate Summer Camp (elementary) - 5th and 6th Grade.  Day 1.

Materials for Day 2

You've got a good collection of materials there.

I did a similar treasure hunt thing except based around prepositions with English club. I don't think the kids I teach have the English level for cryptic clues.

We watched this Mr Bean episode

They did the treasure hunt I planted for them together. Then in teams they drew maps and wrote treasure hunts for each other. It was a ton of fun, they were so motivated to use difficult English in their clues so the other team wouldn't be able to solve it.

I hope to do a similar one except school-wide, for summer camp.

Hey Toni

Thanks for the extra stuff, am hoping my kids will manage the cryptic clues are they are fairly simple e.g. this is where you shoot a goal e.g. football pitch.  But if they are struggling I will be about to help them.  Also planning a period where they make their own treasure map and then write directions for the other teams to try and find their treasure.

Mr Bean vid is great - thanks!

Hi all,

Here are the Pirate Winter Camp materials I prepared. There's enough here for a full week! Worked really well with 5th grade. I got the original materials from icklemonster: http://waygook.org/index.php/topic,1601.0.html. But since then, I expanded on them for a weeklong camp. Enjoy!

The very first day I put the class into crews. The crew came up with a pirate ship name and made a ship's flag. They competed in these groups throughout the entire week. My class was kinda small, only 14 students, but we still made it work and they got really into the competition! Shocker :) The last day I gave funny awards and candy to the winning crew.

Wednesday was cooking day, and we made peanut butter cannonballs. If you do this, make sure you get cereal that is extremely small, like Rice Crispes small. Otherwise rolling the mix into balls didn't work that well- but everyone still had fun making them.


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