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Author Topic: Suggestions (What should I do?... Why not... How about...  (Read 2110 times)

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Suggestions (What should I do?... Why not... How about...
« on: March 23, 2007, 11:54:44 AM »
With my new (imposed) textbook, I am now called upon to create lesson plans that ensure that the students target certain key phrases. Here's one I used last week for suggestions. Could be easily modified for any level, methinks.

1) Make sure everyone understands what a "suggestion" is.... I generally do this by asking "What is this word in Korean?" and when everyone yells out a word, I say "Yes, that's right!" thus proliferating the rumour that I actually understand more Korean than I actualy do.

2) Write a few key phrases on the board and have the students copy them into their books, if they have books. Whatever. I am still an optimist.

To ask for help:

"What should I do?"
"Can you give me some advice?"
"Do you have any suggestions?"

To offer help:

"Why don't you....?"
"Why not....?"
"How about...?"
"You should...."
"(If I were you), I would..."
"You'd better..."

3) Model the structures with an example. I used "I'm cold. What should I do?" As a class, write down a different suggestion for each form on the board. (Why don't you put on a sweater? How abuot going to the sauna? You should drink hot tea.) Notice that they all use the base form of the verb, except "How about", which uses an "-ing" form (How about putting on a sweater?)

4) I then divided the students so that they were no longer sitting with their friends. Simple thing to do is count off (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) and get all the #1 together, #2s etc. And I gave each group a piece of A4 paper. They write the numbers 1 - 5 on the paper, but leave a lot of space after each number.

5) I showed them the picture of the man with the shark behind him and said "He has a problem. What should he do?" Once again, as a class, we came up with solutions to the problem - and I wrote each one on the board (Why not swim away? How about throwing the fish? Why don't you fight the shark?")

*Note: even after all this explaining and modelling, you should get the co-teacher to explain it all again, in Korean a million times*

6) Now, for each picture, each team must invent 2 suggestions using different forms. Usually, I put the picture up and say "What is the problem?", then I ask "What should he/she/I do?". Give them about 2 minutes to write. Dictionaries are very helpful. You will need to circulate and help out some of the weaker teams. (PS - pics are photoshopped images stolen from www.worth1000.com)

7) Pick up the papers and correct them - give candy or stickers or whatever to the winning team.

Total time = about 30 minutes.
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Re: Suggestions (What should I do?... Why not... How about...
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2007, 11:57:16 AM »
Here's another possible activity too for "Should"

Have a bunch of sentences like:

You __________________ put your finger in your nose.
You __________________ run with scissors.
You __________________ chew with your mouth closed.

Is this something that we should/shouldn't do?

Sloane - this might be useful for your "manners" lesson.


Nobody is interested in something you didn't do.


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