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Author Topic: Curriculum designers - R and D positions at a great school in Gangnam - Feb 2012  (Read 392 times)

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Curriculum designers - R and D positions at a great school in Gangnam starting in February 2012
A top school program in Gangnam is looking for two teacher to join their program starting in February 2012. This school is well-established with a solid curriculum and has a large student population of over 1300 students. This school is in a great location. The school is located in Gangnam, near Olympic Park, which is south of the Han River in the South-East part of Seoul. It is a well-off district and is quite famous for its shopping and entertainment. COEX, the largest mall in Korea (with 17 movie theaters, aquariums, bookstores, restaurants, etc.) is located in Gangnam. This is one of the best districts of Seoul to live in. They are offering an excellent salary of 2.5-2.6 million won.
The school is currently looking for one teacher to join their research and development division. Preference will be given to teachers who are graduates with a degree in curriculum design or who have experience making materials. We can provide further details including website links, housing photos and contact emails to interested applicants.
Websites about Gangnam:
School details:
Number of positions: 2
Starting: February 2012
Focus: R and D
Days:  Monday-Friday (no weekends)
Salary: 2.5-2.6 million
Overtime: 20,000/hour
Housing: Single housing provided
Airfare: Prepaid by the school
Pension: Pension payments matched by the school
Health insurance: Provided
Severance bonus: One month salary bonus at the end of the contract
Vacation: 2 weeks
Number of teachers at the school: 30
This school would be looking to interview applicants soon. If you would be interested in possibly interviewing for this position, please submit your resume and photo. We can provide school website links for interested applicants.
To apply for this position, please submit your resume and photo to:
Morgan Recruiting is a fully licensed recruitment agency and we pride ourselves in offering the best services available to our applicants. Our extensive services include:
* visa application assistance
* travel arrangements
* post-support to Korea follow-up checks to determine your overall satisfaction
* referral bonuses
Check out our comprehensive website at for more information about the services we provide.
Applicants must meet the following qualifications:
* You must have a Bachelor's degree (any discipline) from an accredited university.
* You must not have a criminal record.
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