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I've just bought some tickets for winter vacation to Vietnam, and the travel agent told me their price for visas, for Canadians, is 85,000 won per person!! I was a little taken aback, not expecting them to be so costly. The most I ever paid was 50,000 won for China.

Has anyone else had to pay this price? The travel agent was with Soho Travel and I know Xanadu charges 80,000.

Do you have any suggestions for cheaper places to get them?


Actually the travel agency I went through made me give them 105,000 won for the visa :/  I almost had a heart attack... but the tour and flight was already booked so I didn't really have a choice.  I didn't bother researching the cost ahead of time because, like you, the most I've ever paid for a visa is $50.

Do Not pay that much!!!!  Get a visa upon arrival through a website such as:

You pay half now, and half when you arrive in Vietnam.  This is how my friends and I have done it in the past year.

You can do it online much cheaper and pick up the visa when you arrive. Just Google it and you will find it. Enjoy your time there

Hi I had some questions on bus to incheon Airport and also about Vietnam.

I  want to take a direct bus from Gwangju to the Incheon Airport. Can I take a bus that leaves about 12 Midnight and get to Inceon airport at about 7am? That would save me a hotel charge my plane leaves early on Saturday morning.

Also I was wanting to know if I can just fly to Vietnam and get a tourist 20 day visa on arrival- I do not want to go the Vietnam Embassy in Seoul (I gues they have one there) and apply for one... Or will I have to go to seoul to get one...?

Also I heard there are scooter guys who stick you up and take you money I am a little scared to go to Vietnam.

Can yo help with a nice love motel(real hotels are too expensive) recomendation next to the Incheon airport bus ? becasue maybe I can not take a overnight bus from gwangju. Thanks and Happy Kwannza to you all!

Also do you think I should change my money to vietnam dollars at the airport in Incheon or do they take American dollars too?


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