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Hey all,

So I am leaving Korea 1st of March, and I have just been told I haven't been paying tax from my salary. The school are asking for a Proof of Residency from the UK HMRC, which they can give to the tax office here in Korea, so that I am exempt. If I do not provide it within one month, I could get charged a lot of back tax in January.

Anyone else been in this situation? How do you get a Proof of Residency?

Any advice helps!

It's easy. You just have to call Inland revenue (the number is on the website) and just ask for one, you just need to tell them that it is for SK and income tax. I got mine a couple of weeks later.

I gave one to my first school. My second school, 9 months on, has never asked for one and I haven't been taxed. Is it likely that I just didn't need another one, or are they going to ask me again? 

Hey I'm a Brit here too and my school did the same, and was confused and lost as you are.

Firstly you'll need a document with a proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement (an original one) and a copy of your passport.

Once you have that you have to send it to the UK Embassy in Korea or go there in person. It'll only take a couple of days to process, and it'll cost you about 90,000 KRW

Heres the link to the Embassy website

Hope that helps and good luck!

Can someone clarify for me - I didn't bother doing this as I was under the impression that if we don't pay taxes in Korea we should pay tax in the UK on our earnings here. Income tax is much higher in the UK and as a result I didn't bother with the residency certificate and am paying tax on my wages here. I know that US citizens can do this easily as they have to earn a pretty high salary (much more than a teacher here would earn at least!) before they are required to pay taxes in the US on their earnings abroad, but I didn't think the UK had this clause. I can't remember where I heard this though, and now I can't find any information that confirms my suspicion to be true... is there, in fact, any truth in this or am I paying tax needlessly?!

If we can get two years tax-free here AND be exempt from paying tax in the UK then I'll get all over this residency certificate as soon as possible!!


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