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Author Topic: Jeollanamdo Online Program Lesson Board  (Read 4191 times)

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Jeollanamdo Online Program Lesson Board
« on: November 25, 2009, 10:13:05 AM »
Hi Everyone,

Just a quick intro to the board.  If you are here, hopefully it's because you are one of the many teachers in Jeollanamdo who is part of the online teaching program. I have been a part of the program since it's pilot project back in January 2009. It's a great program, but the teaching environment offers some unique challenges to teaching the curriculum that are not applicable inside a conventional classroom. Because of this environment we are limited in the kinds of activities and games that can be used and sometimes we need help coming up with ways to reinvent the material. I've found that file sharing with other online teachers I know has been a real life saver when I'm stuck for how to make a lesson work in the online classroom. I hope this board will become a place for teachers to share their lessons, discuss experiences and contribute to this program so that new teachers will have some assistance and students will get the best lessons possible.

A note to new teachers: I strongly recommend that you use posted lessons as a reference/jumping off point only! You need to make the lessons your own to make them work in your classroom. Also, most if not all of the lessons posted will have student names in them, so make sure to check the slides over and personalize them for your classes.

Please message me with any suggestions or concerns you have!
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