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Author Topic: Would you rather (this or that)? Middle school conversation  (Read 6528 times)

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Hello ^^

I started this lesson with the powerpoint. The first slide was a question for my coteacher (as my students know he loves tennis I asked a question they knew the answer to, to help them understand this OR that..)

First ask your coteacher a couple times to model the dialogue, then ask the students a few questions (teacher-student) followed by student-student.

The cartoon slide is meant to be "Would you rather be really strong or really fast?" and the baby/chalkboard slide is meant to be "Would you rather hear a baby cry or nails on a chalkboard?". (It's interesting, most students said they'd rather eat kimchi than icecream, because they are Korean).

I put the students into small groups (preferably in pairs). They flipped a coin to decide if they'd work on the "heads" handout or the "100's" handout. To choose 1-8 I had them use those origami fortune teller things ... (choice of blue/green/red/yellow and numbers etc.). Any other way to choose from 1-8 will work just fine too of course. Then have the students ask each other the questions. Higher levels follow up with "Why?". (Answers can be quite amusing).

My class is fairly low level so they take a little longer to complete tasks. If your classes are higher you may have to find a short activity for the end of class. To wrap it up, we had an open class discussion... what were your choices and why?

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Re: Would you rather (this or that)? Middle school conversation
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I don't know why I don't model these sorts of questions with my co-teachers more often.  Maybe they'd actually stay [attentive] in class if I started doing that...!  Thanks for the topic ideas.  I'm getting ready to plan a conversation-geared winter camp, and this activity for expressing preferences about things will be helpful.  I'll probably have to increase the difficulty, but this is a good start to help students think about using that aspect of language.  Thanks for sharing it.

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Re: Would you rather (this or that)? Middle school conversation
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was your coteacher able to do the toung-twisters?