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    • November 04, 2008, 11:54:50 am
Jason at Kimchi Icecream has compiled an extensive helpful guide, covering the good, the bad, (and the plain ugly) that we typically experience while teaching and living here.

The guide's contents includes:

* After School Programs/Classes/Extra Classes and English Camps
* Being Sick and Hospitals and Medicine in Korean Culture
* Blogs: Education (Hagwon / Public School / University); Expat/Foreign; Food; General; Korean Culture and Language Study; Photography
* Bookstores in Korea
* Cultural Differences and Culture Shock
* EFL/ESL Teaching Books
* Korean Education System
* Korean Foods
* Lesson Topic Ideas
* Life in Korea Issues for Foreign Instructors
* Living in Korea Locations and Conditions
* Shopping for Clothing
* Teacher Training and Conferences in Korea
* Traveling in Korea
* Websites for Foreign Teachers in South Korea
* Where to find western and foreign foods in Korea
* Working with (or without) a Korean English Co-Teacher

(I've merged and modified some topic headings and put them in alphabetical order)

[full link:]
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Here is that recently published (1/2010) Financial Transaction Guide for Foreigners in Korea that was released by FN Hub Korea. It's more useful for newbies than long-timers, but it is written in English.