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Save the Planet (Grade 2 Jumping Kids)
« on: September 08, 2011, 09:40:09 am »
I was trying to come up with a lesson that would be relevant to the Inky the Whale story in the students' Jumping Kids textbook. Basically, Inky the Whale eats a plastic bag thinking it's a fish and gets sick.
So to stick with the Save the Planet theme I did some research and found these awesome videos from Animal Planet on Youtube.

I used these videos to come up with a practice dialogue.
A: What is the problem?
B: The problem is ____.
A: Why don't you tell ____ to ____.
B: That's a good point. I will tell ____ right away.

This used some of the speaking sentence structure that they had used in previous lessons but in a different context.
You could use these videos for other types of lessons as well but this is how I used them  :D

The videos (I only used the ones with the **s but the others are great too)

**Elephant Shower (
Lions Recycle (
Energy Efficient Penguin (
Gassy Cows (
Polar Bears Overheating (
Supermarket Bags (
Electric Eeels (
**Leopards Hate Litter (
**Romancing the Bag (
Meerkat Traffic (
**Dog on Standby (