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« on: May 04, 2011, 08:17:08 am »
We have moved onto mythology this week.  My students have covered some of it in different English classes, so they asked me to carry it over to the conversation classroom.  This is LESSON 4 for my second grade high school students.  They participated SO well and seemed to really love this topic. (I am not sure that they would have been so excited about it if they were not so well versed in their knowledge of the gods?? ::)  )

Basic lesson plan:
Greet students and chat for a few minutes.
Introduce slang of the day.  (Today's slang is 'Rookie', as in a new member to a team or group.)
Introduce the topic of mythology, and ask for their definitions thereof.
Show them the PowerPoint slide show.(for each slide i had them guess who the god/goddess was, and what they were the god of.  I also compared the Roman and Greek gods to eachother).   Ask them about the myths and explain a few.  (I think it might be best if you(the teacher) brushes up on your own mythology, because they ask quite a few questions.)
There are two relevant English sayings that we discussed.
                  -  Achilles heel.  "What is your weakness?"
                  -  To open Pandora's box.  "Doing something that will have bad consequences."

*There are many video clips and web links that the kids love.
(for the video clip from Troy, skip to the part where Achilles gets shot in the heel).

Hope that your students liked it as much as mine did!

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thanks! interesting lesson!  ;D

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Re: Mythology
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Thanks! This looks like a great lesson.

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Here are a couple of things I did for mythology.
I had them make their own myths. Some kids get into it. Some don't get it. I'm considering having them do it in teams or groups. It's an experiment in progress.

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Re: Mythology
« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2013, 07:41:19 am »

What is the intention of the last slide?

Is it suppose to be a jeopardy type game?

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It's a Connect 4 game using the idioms from Greek mythology. For high level students you can make them use the idiom in a sentence in order to get the square.

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One more myth activity. This helps them practice using idioms that come from Greek mythology. Students pair up and interview each other with questions like "What is your Achilles' Heel?" "Is there anything you have The Midas Touch for?" Students would answer in complete English sentences. The students will then present their partner's answers to the class.

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Re: Mythology
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Been too long since I posted a plan. This one is a Frankenstein mash up of too many plans to properly give credit. Sorry.  :lipsrsealed:

Not too big on indipendant activities and was more an intro to talking about Myths with my high levels. Video links in comments