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Famous People (funny)
« on: February 02, 2010, 01:15:24 pm »
I recommend explaining why this sentence structure is useful.

Bob is 30 years old. > (So what, why do we care . . .  who is Bob anyways?)
Bob, my brother, is 30 years old. > (Aha! So now we understand!)

Also explain to Korean students how Westerners don't recognize the gender in Korean names. My favorite example is:

Lee Myoung-Park is wearing a dress.
Lee Myong-Park, the President of South Korea, is wearing a dress. (OK, now Westerners will find it funny)

^ I drew this in picture form, with sentences as an example of what i wanted my students to do on their worksheets. (Pretty much just give them 4 squares, and ask them to write and draw 4 "crazy" people with the sample sentence structure).