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The Social Network
« on: May 13, 2011, 08:30:36 am »
I'm currently doing this lesson with my High School students as a kind of filler lesson because some I will see once and others twice this week. Since this is a movie lesson you can let the students watch as much as you want. You can find a copy of The Social Network from a street vendor. I let them see the Koran subtitles because the movie is so fast paced and there is no way that my students would be able to understand any movie without subtitles. Instead I get them to apply their English with the worksheets and activities. Also, you will notice that some questions are obvious, others you have to think about. I like doing activities like this because they will think about the question in Korean, and then have to carry over that thought process to English, thus stimulating English language production.

Optional: There is a Facebook lesson on Waygook that you can use as an intro lesson if you like. I found that it really stimulated their interest in the movie. Also here is the link for the Korean trailer of the movie:

Part I: Pass out the handout TSN Movie. I usually have my co-teacher go over everything in Korean, quizzing the students on the meaning of the questions or specific words. The questions follow the order of the movie and 1 − 15 take place in the first 45ish min of the film. The back 3 are more abstract and I made my students answer them if they were a double class and got to see a little more of the film.

Part II: Pass out the handout TSN Script. Here I explain to the students that I will be showing them one scene. They are to fill in the missing blanks. Then replay the scene at about 45 min with English subtitles, maybe twice. Then tell the students they have to change the script with a partner, trying to be creative and funny. I have underlined words that could easily be changed to get a new script. I then give them a little time and circulate around the room. You may also want to replay the scene with Koran subtitles just so they understand everything. Finally, either that day or the beginning of the next class I have them act out their script in front of the class for participation points.

Please excuse any typos or errors and feel free to modify/redistribute.  :)