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TV show- Silent Library
« on: May 07, 2010, 10:29:26 am »
So Silent Library is a game show on MTV that was adapted from a hilarious Japanese comedy program.  The idea is that 6 people form 1 team and must perform outrageous stunts while still remaining quite.  The good thing is that because they must stay quiet, there isn't too much English so it's not overwhelming for the students.

Each episode there are 10 stunts so I set up a simple matching exercise so that the students would know each punishment before the show even starts.  After the name of the punishment is shown in the show the students need only look at their papers to know what will happen.

So far this lesson has been working like a charm!  I'm going to attach the PowerPoint that helps to describe the show as well as 2 worksheets, one with some Korean translations for my low levels and the other one without.  Simply go to, go to shows, find Silent Library, and these worksheet are for season 2, episode 8.

After we watch the show, which is only 20 minutes, I post some discussion questions and we round out the remaining 10 minutes or so talking about them.

1. Which punishment is the worst?
2. If you had to choose one, which would you want to perform?
3. Which would you most like to watch your friends perform?

Hope you and your students enjoy!  I'll be showing this one again and will post the worksheets for the other episodes as I make them.

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Re: TV show- Silent Library
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I tried this and it worked pretty well. Thanks for posting it!
I also added a line so that students could create their own punishments (though I had to add stipulations that they couldn't involve bodily fluids/functions). Some of my students suggested things that could be considered torture, but most of them came up with really funny ideas. Thanks again for the activity!

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Re: TV show- Silent Library
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My afterschool class loved this!!  Thanks so much for posting this   :D

Re: TV show- Silent Library
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I can't open the episode on the MTV or other Video sites, such as Youtube etc. It says, sorry but this video is not available to persons in your area?

Do you perhaps have an avi or mpv file of the episode?