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After School Class: Shopping
« on: June 01, 2011, 12:19:47 pm »
Hey guys!  Yet another after school class, this time on shopping.  I focused more on clothes shopping instead of other stuff since it's easier, but I do touch on the different kinds of stores.  There's a typhoon game in there too with plenty of Kpop celebs to keep my kids' super fangirl-crying-OMG-I-love-G-Dragon-marry-me-fandom satisfied (bleeeeh!), and a word search to fill up the time.  I also have the kids fill in the blanks in the worksheet while I'm going through the lesson; found they pay more attention that way.

*Note: You must install Winrar to unzip the files.

Enjoy!  :D


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Re: After School Class: Shopping
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2011, 09:28:21 pm »
this is really really good. I found it works best with letting them choose from an option of words to fill in the blanks. but overall, a really good lesson plan.