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(Judy Yin) Grade 3, Lesson 6 - "I Can Jump"
« on: June 03, 2011, 06:05:50 pm »
I realise that I'm one of the few whose school decided to get this book for their third graders. :/ But I decided to give back to the community and upload a ppt game I made for it.

It's the whole "guess the picture game". I have a slide for basic instructions, but nothing for the point-giving system - so that's up to you. :) There's a practice slide so you can go through it once with the students and three bonus slides. My coteacher and I are having the students ask the question, which is why you see the expected 'answer' in the "can you ____?" format, and we're having the rest of the class answer them for practice. Here's the layout:

Can you fly?

Feel free to take and adjust to your needs if you want. :) It's really simple with only 6 blocks before you get to the picture itself, but it's easy to change the format and target language if needed.

Hope it helps!
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Grade 3, Lesson 6 - I can jump (Judy Lin book)
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Ppts for activities and sports
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Re: (Judy Yin) Grade 3, Lesson 6 - "I Can Jump"
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vocab intro and first test. thanks for the template.
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Re: (Judy Yin) Grade 3, Lesson 6 - "I Can Jump"
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Here's a song and video I made for teaching can/can't. My students have had tons of fun with it. I split them into three groups: each group takes one verse and is responsible for creating a dance to go along with it.

The attachments: slide show so you can teach it at a slower pace and a printable version of the lyrics.
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