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Car Dealership Lessons - 4 weeks worth of lessons
« on: June 20, 2011, 11:54:31 am »
I work at an all boys high school and have designed my own sets of lessons on a particular topic. They generally run for 3-4 weeks. This one is about buying a car. The basic plan goes like this:

Lesson 1: Learn about the parts of the car and some slang. Students are given a mix and match worksheet to complete either on their own or as a group. Have a verbal quiz at the end.

Lesson 2: Learn about slang, review, and different car features. Students design their own cars, filling out the car information along with design.

Lesson 3: Learn slang, review, and common words and phrases used when buying a car. The two teachers then demonstrate the dialogue on the ppt while the students listen. Then it's the students turn to practice a few times. Give them the dialogue worksheet and the car they designed in the previous lesson to use for filling in the dialogue. The students will be assigned their parts of the dialogue and they will practice with both teachers coming around checking.

Lesson 4: Student presentation of the dialogue, followed by mario bomb game review.

I hope this is helpful to anyone out there.