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Hello all!  There were no materials up for this lesson yet, so I pulled from various places and adapted it to the required vocab.

There's a review of lessons 1-8, an intro to the vocab, and the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

A lot of people seem to be keen on using green eggs and ham with this lesson as well, but neither of those are in our vocab, so I think the other story is better.
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Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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Here is a powerpoint I created in replace of the card and puppet idea for the Listen and Play section of this lesson.
I hope you find it resourceful.  :)

**Forgot to mention in my instructions on slide one that if students guess wrong they have to sit down, but I think that part would depend on how you and your CT really want the students to participate.
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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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Here's my powerpoint on Lesson 1, where we focussed on "Do you like_____", "Yes, I do"/ "No, I don't". The kids really got into some fo the slides. We got S1 to answer the first slide and then ask another and so on.  The Pass the Jegi is the same as the usual "Pass the pencil-case" template, but using a picture of the counter with tassles that they use to play hackey-sack. Hope some of it's useful.

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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I have added some extra slides to the into ppt from adamzero and adapted a survey found on another thread. I plan to do the survey in period 2. Hope it helps someone.

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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Here is a worksheet please use and enjoy.

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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My kids also really liked this video.

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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I am going to do this song with my kids. It's a bit fast but GOM player has the slow it down tool, so will slow it down a bit for them. My kids like dancing so hopefully we can come up with some cool moves!

Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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Here is a powerpoint that I modified from the old book

Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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For this lesson, I had my third graders play the game "Upset the Fruitbasket" or "Fruitbasket Upset." For those who don't know what this game is, here are some directions:
--Have the students push all their desks to the side and make a big circle with all of their chairs.
--I then stood in the middle and said "I like apples" or "I don't like tomatoes"
--I made all of the students who agree with me stand up and switch seats. (this always took some bit of explaining--I used hand motions--but at least 1 kid always got it and helped their peers to understand)
--I would then do a few practice sessions with me saying things that I like or don't like.
--During one of those times, i would take a chair out of the circle so that the student left without a chair would then have to say something that he or she liked/didn't like.

we played this game for probably about 15 minutes. I had to constantly remind them not to scream and not to push one another, but i know that they had a lot of fun. I had a lot of students try to double up on seats and if i didn't see who got to the seat first, i had the play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" to pick who went in the center. And if I had one student that was frequently in the middle, i would ask for volunteers to go in their place or just pick someone to do it.

I put together a one slide PPT showing them words from their chapter that they could use. Here is what i did for the PPT.

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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The one song off of youtube, the sound is not working.

Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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The game Crazy Cups off of was a lot of fun for my 3rd graders. Choose one of the many food categories and whichever picture the ball is under have them say "I like..." "I don't like..." or "Do you like...?"

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Grade 3 Lesson 9 "I Like Chicken" 4/4
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Here a couple activities for 3rd graders:

"I like" triangle and Vocab tic-tac-toe.

I've attached a small lesson plan and premade worksheets.

Happy teaching!

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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I taught this lesson to a small class of third grade students. It went very well. Students are eager to participate when the lesson taps into their interests-food, sports, hobbies.  The lesson and ppt was taught in 2 parts-2 different times. A few activities: We played bingo. The teacher asks "Do you like soccer?" If they liked "soccer" they covered soccer and said, "Yes, I like soccer." or "No, I don't like soccer." We also did a partner activity. The partners have 10 picture cards. Partner 1 asks, "Do you like cookies?" Partner 2-"Yes, I like cookies or No, I don't like cookies." We played 4 corners. (seasons, sports, food) Designate the 4 corners of the classroom to be spring, summer, fall and winter. The students have to go to the corner of the room for which season they like best. Then they say, "I like _____!"At the end of the lessons I showed candy or sticker-asked if they like-they respond yes, I... and then get the candy or sticker.

Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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Intro PPT for period 2. Reviews Do you like____?, Yes, I do and No, I don't and all the foord from last time as well as introduces I like ______ and I don't like_______. Also, here's a hidden picture game.

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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For this lesson I'm gonna present and drill the foods with "I like______" structure. Then play Flashcard forceback, which is the horseshoe game: Flashcards on the floor in a horseshoe shape; 2 teams, 1 at each end of the shoe. One ss from each team moves along flashcards saying "I like + object on flashcard" When the ss meet in middle somewhere, the RockPaperScissors. Winner continues on. Loser goes to back of his line and new ss starts along the horseshoe....contin ue ubntil one ss makes it to the opposite end of the horseshoe... equals 1 point.

Next lesson I will work on: "Do you like + food etc". After presentation, 1 ss comes to front of class and chooses flashcard of food item. Doesnt show rest of the class. They then have to guess what the ss chose by using TL: Do you like _______ ?
If guessing ss is wrong, ss up front says: No, I don't.
If guessing ss is correct, ss up front says: Yes, I do. And then guessing ss comes to front of class...and so on...
My Grade 3 and 4 ss like this game a lot...
Final lesson will be a repeat of the horsehoe game using TL: Do you like____.
And then a class survey.
Exit password: Do you like_____. In order to leave the class.

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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I had to stretch this lesson over three classes.  The kids already had a handle on the 'i like, don't like' by the first lesson.  I beefed out and used the simpsons introduction for the first lesson, thanks for that.

second class i introduced love and hate and played the circle game where the person in the middle makes a statement and those that agreed had to change seats.  I allowed them to make statements that weren't about food seeing as they already knew the food vocab inside-out.  (like 'i like 2ne1' or 'i hate nintendo') Then I kept them in that circle and played pass the ball.

The third lesson I have this week and, rather than have them stuck on food, I've taken the target phrase but added loads more vocab that they already know.  The powerpoint reviews food, animals and adds a few hobbies, most of which are the same in Korean as english.  I added 'sleep' as a hobby and left it as a noun so the grammar is the same (i like soccer, i like computer games, i like sleep) but feel free to change it to sleeping.
Lastly I adapted the kung fu panda game practicing love/like/don't like/hate

thought i'd post the stuff for the third class in case anyone else is having to fill out this lesson or has students that pick up vocab quickly.

Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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Here's a Mario review game!

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - practice
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This is kind of pattern drill.

Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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I'm gonna try using this slow rap song with my students. There's a lot of vocabulary, but I will focus on them saying the expressions, "Yes, I do" and "No, I don't."

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Re: Grade 3 Lesson 9 - I Like Chicken (Frances Sohn)
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For this lesson I'm introducing letters A-I in the alphabet, as well as the phrases "Do you like ~?", "I like ~." and "I don't like ~."

Alphabet Flashcard Game
-play the alphabet song - kids can sing along to practice if they don't already know it
-give each kid a letter flashcard (separate cards for capital and lowercase letters)
-As the song plays, the kids sing along and raise their letter when they hear it
-Start by giving the kids only the capital letters, then only the lowercase letters, then half capital half lowercase, then mix both capital and lowercase cards (kids will have more than one card.)

Capital and Lowercase Matching Game
-Give each kid a capital letter and a lower case letter (some kids may have 3 cards)
-Start a timer or song, and the kids have to find their corresponding letter partner and stand together
-Kids who find their partners in time get a reward

Phonics Practice
-Write letters A-I in capital and lowercase letters across the board
-show flashcards of words learned last semester which start with the letters written on the board (eg: arm for Aa, ball for Bb.)
-kids say which pictures go under which letters
-Reinforce what they've learned by having them read the letters, then name each picture under the letter at the end.

Introduce Lesson 9
-Intro ppt with different foods that are covered in the textbook (I also included some foods that start with letters A-I for practice.)
-The pictures are all warped and distorted (there are three pictures for each food: one is very warped, one a little warped, one normal),
-kids guess what the food is
-You can play a game of Teacher vs. Class. If the class guesses right on the first picture, they get 5 points. If they guess right on the second picture, they get 3 points and you get 2 points. If they can only guess right on the last picture, you get all 5 points. If Class has more points at the end, you can give them a reward (I give out stickers).

Letters and Picture Matching Game
-Give each kid a letter and a picture card
-Start timer or music, and kids have to find their capital/lowercase letter partner, and the pictures that match with their letter (complete groups should have at least 3 kids)
-Kids who find their partners in time get a reward

That was fairly long but I tried to keep it as concise as possible. Hope it helps! Happy teaching =).