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(천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 4, Lesson 9 - What Day is it Today?"
« on: September 06, 2011, 01:26:22 pm »
Here's a vocab and key phrase sheet I made for this unit.

I also used Spongebob's timetable that is in this section of last year's book along with the Simpsons game that is there as well. Both were really helpful.
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    • September 06, 2011, 01:47:32 pm
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I have a PPT word scramble review game.
I have a Days of the Week PPT to go along with that usual song that they know.
Here is also a PPT about subjects

I made a phonics game for Pg. 81:
Short vowel 'o' game
Teacher vs students, first to get 3 points is the winner.
You say each word and they must repeat it alltogether as one.

If it is NOT a short vowel 'o' sound, then they must NOT speak. If they do, Teacher gets a point. If they stay silent, the class gets a point.
It's a very simple game that will help them practice pronunciation and help recognise sound.

Any criticism would be greatly appreciated!


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I grabbed sallyafc's ppt from last yeas book and changed some slides to fit this book.
I made a ppt of some short o words.

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Review of the days and some key phrases, then a dice game where they have to guess the day. This took about 10 minutes and I used it at the beginning of period 3. ^^

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Nooners- thanks for the short O ppt. It's really helpful.
I'm reading the words to my kids before they see each slide and having them write the number of the incorrect word on white boards in their teams. Teams that get the answer right get a point, teams that get it wrong lose a point. They seem to be enjoying it so far!

I've also edited a Mario game from last year's book to make it more relevant for the topic this year.
Hope it helps someone!

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Re: Grade 4, Lesson 9- What Day Is It Today?
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In my powerpoint I used the Korean words for the days of the week to help students understand the meaning of the new vocabulary. We also played a matching game. Teacher says, Today is Saturday. I have a soccer game. Students match with partner. Same cards were used for the partner slap game. Teacher says, Today is...Friday! The students have to listen, read and slap first. This lesson and PPTwas taught in 2 parts. The slides where the Korean days of the week fly in were used as review the 2nd time. Days of the Week song is sung to the tune of "The Addams Family."  Whisper game is the telephone game

I used a really simple PPT presenation as a review with my students and it worked really well! To test the students I asked and pointed to the days of the week and activities, or I had the sudents ask or I had indiviual students come up and give it try :)

I had my students play "slap the camel" using days of the week cards.  The attachment has the days of the week cards that you have to cut out and laminate. 
Students play "slap the camel" using days of the week cards.  The deck will be divided up evenly between four players.  Cards will be shuffled then passed out. Players hold their cards face down and taking turns they will turn over one of their cards at a time placing the card in the middle. Cards will be stacked on top of each other.  When a card is repeated in the pile all players will race to slap the pile and shout out the day of the week that is repeated.  The first to slap "the camel" (repeated card) gets the pile. The point of the game is to collect all the cards.

what day is it today?
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what day is it today?

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Here's a new video for the lesson.

I now have a FB page with a guide to all my videos for easy browsing. Follow the link in my sig. 'Like' for future releases and other projects :)


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i modified the hidden picture game so the students would use the key phrase "I have ___ today."

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I created a study/practice worksheet for introducing Lesson 8. I borrowed the first part of Hayles555's vocab/phrase sheet in order to introduce the days of the week, English and Korean side-by-side. There is an easy matching section (match Korean to English) and writing practice of the initial vocabulary in Lesson 8.1 (students write the English word 2x and the Korean translation 2x).

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short 'o' sounds powerpoint for page 81.
Quickly goes over vocabulary with a short game at the end where they pick which word has the 'o' sound.

Looking for a new bomb game?
Here a brand new Madagascar 3 Bomb Game I made.
If you like my material, you  can check out my games page at,43821.0.html

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It's very useful to practice

This is key expressions for Lesson 9

I got the students to work in pairs. One student in each pair put their chair on the other side o their desk so that they were facing away from the T.V.  I then went through the slides of the powerpoint and the other student would mae what they saw into a sentence e.g '3rd period on Tuesday we have Art class.' The aim being to fill out the timetable.

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plaguemonkey - your Madagascar bomb game is awesome :) - it matches the lesson perfectly. Thank you so much for putting it on this site.

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Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 4, Lesson 9 - What Day is it Today?"
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Here is my intro for this lesson. Might be a bit dark?? Anyway quite interesting!
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Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 4, Lesson 9 - What Day is it Today?"
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 ;D Thanks!  It was very helpful!