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« on: October 15, 2010, 10:32:58 am »
I know this idea sounds rather dark. For this lesson I kept a serious tone in the beginning while teaching the idea. The high school 2nd graders were a bit confused why we were studying about obituaries but afterwards, they enjoyed it a lot.

First we discussed obituaries, asking students what they are, whether they have obituaries in Korea, etc. to get them talking a bit. The students don't have to read and understand the first example obituary I found online and put in the 4th slide, but simply recognize it as an obit (a photo of the person with info.).

Then I explained the task for today about students creating an obituary with the worksheet. I told them to just take it lightly as a joke, that the person they choose (some chose myself or co-teacher, Lee Myeong Bak, classmate or friend, etc.) isn't seen as really dead or wished to be dead but the obituary concept is just to be a new way for them to use their English and to not take it seriously.

After helping students write their ideas on the worksheet and giving time for it, I asked students to present their obituaries.

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Re: Obituaries
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I think this might be perfect for my kids at my HS.  It's right at their level!  I am a bit worried about them picking on certain students, but I'll keep this on hand for a last min thing.

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Re: Obituaries
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Will give this a try for my night classes.

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Re: Obituaries
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Lee Myeong Bak

I'll just chime in here with a "please be careful". According to a recent newspaper article, all public school teachers actually have signed contracts that require them to be politically inactive. Be careful if politics comes into the discussion, for you may make a co-teacher feel a little uncomfortable.
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