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Halloween Lesson Plan- Pretty much everything here
« on: October 26, 2010, 10:47:49 am »
This is what I have used for this week on Halloween, I grabbed the ppt design from someone else and it looks like there was an audio file with it but it won't work on this one. (Beforehand I asked my co-teachers to let the students know that they did not need to bring their books but needed to bring colors/markers)

**Please note my middle schoolers are lower level so this might be too easy for your students but there isn't as much learning on this as video's and activities

**Sorry had these videos as .mp4 and they don't like that format, I put the links and you can copy and paste them into so you can have them on the computer opposed to streaming them.

Start class by going to this website it is a fun introduction that you can use for the kids.  I had them tell me where to click as we went along.  After the ending I let them know that we are going to be talking about Halloween today and started the powerpoint.  After the slide "what do kids get on halloween?" I played the I got a rock video from Charlie Brown (  Tell them to listen to what each kid gets but they usually pick up on the rock bit.  After that I have a few slides with no images, I had pictures from my niece and nephew and some friends back home as they always like to see people I know.  You can put pictures of people you know there or images online showing off some costumes.

When it says Halloween Wordsearch at the top I have the students repeat each phrase and explain a little bit.  After Zombie pass out the wordsearch and explain what they need to do.  I gave them 10 minutes to complete and then went over the answers asking them where the word was (good practice for left/right, top/bottom and some numbers, ie princess is on the top right in the first row).

Once you get the last word found (Zombie) I played the time lapse carving pumpkin video clip ( and let them know what it was going to be about.  I pause the clip around 2:08 I think and ask them what they carved. After that I hand out the pumpkins and go over the instructions.  I play the video with the Halloween music ( on it but usually leave the last slide up of the ppt on the screen while they work. While they work I usually tape up the previous classes Jack O Lanterns up around the room, should be pretty cool looking after a few classes.  If there is time at the end either show them the Karafun Monster Mash ( or the Monster Mash Video ( 

Re: Halloween Lesson Plan- Pretty much everything here
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sorry use this to print off the word search as there are 2 per page

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Re: Halloween Lesson Plan- Pretty much everything here
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wow amazing~!!
thanks for sharing :D