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Chapter: "Lesson 12 - What Do You Want?"
Book: Elementary School English 4
Publisher: Mirae-EN
Notable Characters: Bomi, Buzz, Bibi.
Years Active: 2011-2012 onwards

Printable Gameboard attached for the paperclip flicking "My Land" Game. It's food themed and has the students play around with articles*. It's in a PPT form because that's how my template is and I cannot export to PDF on this machine. Sorry.

It's a pair game. Students RPS to choose who goes first. Player 1 asks the question, Player 2 answers. Then, Player 2 has to try and flick the paperclip at the thing they specified. Personally, I set the rule that they may hit the target once or miss 3 times before the players swap roles. Players sign off the food/drink items when they "consume" (win) one. Most items "consumed" at the end is the winner.

*Something the book manages to mess up atrociously on the CD despite having a long spool in the Teacher's Guide saying how correct article usage is one of the goals of the chapter. Sigh.
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More primary school colours and shapes activity ideas and resources than you'd ever need - here
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Re: Grade 4 (Bomi and Bibi Textbook): Lesson 12 "What Do You Want?"
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2011, 04:49:48 pm »
Here's a practice ppt I used for period 1 to show the differences between a/an and un/countable nouns.

We also used 2 games in the first period:

Pictionary (my kids love this) - let one student from each group come to the front and give them 1-2mins to draw the various objects you taught them before. Their group should answer with "I want a/an/some" - don't give them the point unless they use the correct word and say the whole sentence.

Snowball game - 1) "I want an apple", 2) "I want an apple and some water", 3) "I want an apple, some water and some milk" .... Play with the whole class getting each group to add a line, or have them do it in their pairs/groups.

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Re: Grade 4 (Bomi and Bibi Textbook): Lesson 12 "What Do You Want?"
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monster race game for period 2

Re: Grade 4 (Bomi and Bibi Textbook): Lesson 12 "What Do You Want?"
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This is a powerpoint review game I made for lesson 1 of "What Do You Want." It is simple enough.

Each slide is an image covered in puzzle pieces.

Ask the students "What do you want?"
Have them offer up answers. After each volunteer take away one puzzle piece.


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Re: Grade 4 (Bomi and Bibi Textbook): Lesson 12 "What Do You Want?"
« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2011, 02:49:15 pm »
Here's a PPT with a dual pass the ball game and a guess what game.

For the Guess What game, print out the last slide and laminate them. One per student. It's a lot like Guess Who just with other objects. IE "Do you want something red?" "Do you want school supplies?"

Takes about twenty-five minutes with both games and explanations.

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Re: Grade 4 (Bomi and Bibi Textbook): Lesson 12 "What Do You Want?"
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what do you want puzzle ppt - expanded version.

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Re: Grade 4 (Bomi and Bibi Textbook): Lesson 12 "What Do You Want?"
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Here are my PPT for one period.

1) Introduce Key expressions. - See PPT.

2) Listening excersise. "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas". I plan to get students to stand up when they hear this phrase, and then give them simple questions about the song. I will not tell them what a hippopotamus is before the song starts, the Video will tell then quite well. Lyrics and link to song at back of the PPT. I am not uploading the song to waygook.

3) Human Bingo.

Print out slide 7 twice, cut up and one sentence give to each student.  Each team will have one set of these sentences.
Print out slides after slide 9 (but not the one with ready on it). (two sets) These are to be placed on student desks. There will be one set of slides for each team.

You have two teams, each team has their own bingo broad (slides on desk) and each student having one matching sentence. Get the students to stand at the back of the class touching the wall.

Teacher shows sentence on TV, the students with that sentance listen to the teacher read the sentence  and then the student with that sentence runs to sit down on their bingo board. If they are first sit down they get 1 point for their team. First team to make a 3 student bingo gets 2 points, the first team to get a 5 person bingo gets 3 points. All other bingos get 1 point.


P is pressure
V is volume
n is number of moles
R is the gas constant
T is the temperature

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Re: (대한 교과서 Taehan) Grade 4, Lesson 12 - "What Do You Want?"
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Dance game and mario stomp game.