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(대교 Daegyo) Grade 4, Story Time 5 - Goldilocks"
« on: October 18, 2011, 01:46:50 pm »
I made a script of the Story Time scenes.  It's pretty basic.  If you want to make the activity more challenging, you can delete words and have students fill in the blanks before practicing.

Here's a clip I plan on using at the beginning of class:
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Just a basic power point for the world tour part on different eating cultures.  I made it in a hurry so feel free to improve it!

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Here is a story I found on the web:

I also, converted a worksheet that goes with the story into MSword form.

Hope you like it.

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    • October 27, 2010, 11:48:32 am
here is a ppt to go along with the story. Use it to practice the dialog for low level students.

Happy Teaching!

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There is a report of research. ----Improving Communication skills in English class Through " Super Mario" games

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Here is the link to my dropbox file of what I found and edited for this story.  Tried uploading it but file is way too big. 

I read the story while I play the music file in the background.  It also did not hurt that I had a coat with bear ears but if you are not willing to go that hard then that is optional.
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Introduce topic, Goldilocks and the Three bears.
 - Ask students if they know the story and who doesn't
 - Show YouTube video:
 - After watching ask:
                   - What characters did you see? (Goldilocks, Papa, Mama, and Baby bear)
                   - What did Goldilocks do? What did she do first? Etc.
                      (1st ate porridge [check to see if they know what porridge is], 2nd sat on
                       chairs, 3rd slept)
                   - Why did Baby bear cry? (Goldilocks ate his porridge, broke his chair ~)

Next, watch the CD-ROM video from the textbook. Their role play will be based on this video since it uses key expressions from previous chapters.  After watching, pass out script then practice the script together (listen and repeat after you - make sure to use different voices for each character) using attached PPT. I made the PPT based from previous Little Red Riding hood PPT someone posted earlier. So thanks!

Then do a small role play in front of class. You will be Goldilocks and choose students to be the 3 bears.  Have some props prepared and be open to change the script. This will help give students ideas when they prepare for their role play.

After role playing, students will get into groups - choose their character and add or change sentences in the script. Students will practice for the remaining class time.  They will act out their role play the next class.