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A quick powerpoint with some images and prompts for students to ask Do you have a ...., and x's or thumbs up for yes/no. Enjoy, and let the thread begin.

Also, a pass the ball game.
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Lesson 10 review bomb game. Template courtesy of Taejon on
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students guess what sentence will be remained

A quick ppt with a role play based on the story box from this lesson.

It's just the best Story Box powerpoint ever!

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Re: (Vande Voort/Heidi Marie) Grade 3, Lesson 10 - "Do You Have a Bag?
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Here are a few activities I used for this chapter:
I used this YouTube clip and had the kids sing it, then write their own verse for the song. It only has 2.5 verses, but then it asks you to pay to see the full version. I used this as an excuse to tell the kids that they had to help me write a new verse because I didn't want to pay for it. I've also attached a PowerPoint I made with the lyrics to help them learn the tune. I would sing them the question and they'd sing the answer, and then we'd swap.

The Word document below is for a simple game I made up. Print out, laminate and cut up the document, and each student gets a card. They then have to find the other people with the same card by asking "do you have _____" and the other student answering "Yes, I do" or "No, I don't". It was actually funny how seriously they took it. They loved most of the things I put on the cards, but a lot of them had no idea who "Girls Generation" was until my CoT told them the Korean name.