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Materials for lesson 6
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If you like my material, you  can check out my games page at,43821.0.html

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go fishing

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Lucky Wheel game for using 'Let's go ___'

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An introductory PPT

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Intro powerpoint for lesson 6.1. 

Here is my Review ppt. for the 6.3. Practices expressions like: Sorry, I can't. I have  to_____...Introduce s words with Korean meaning.  Hopefully it works for you...basically a flash card style ppt. like all the rest I have made so far...but they have funny pictures ehehehe. ;D

Adding a SpongeBob Review Game.  Same template created by Kyle Ludeke.  I tried to stick with the theme of SpongeBob, so there are animated pictures in the game.   :-*
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Good two-sided worksheet for writing, probably period 6 or 7.

Lesson 15 "Can You Join Us?" from last year's national book appears similar, here's the thread:,989

A charades page (or mini flashcards) of a dozen verbs/actions used within the book.  (swimming, painting, etc.) 

I'm using this game as a warm up in the 2nd lesson, to review the vocabulary from the first day.  The students have to correctly guess the word and make a sentence to earn their team points.  (i.e. "Let's go fishing!") 

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I am doing this for my open class I have practiced it once and it wasn't a train smash. The class I will do it with are way more enthusiastic so hope it will work well.

Anyway here is my intro PPT (cannabilised many other's PPT's), a dialogue/role play activity and a quick pens (also stolen and changed). Thanks to the original creators.

Last year's lesson 8 is practically the same as this year's lesson 6.,1335.0.html

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I have edited 2 games for this unit. 
The sonic game goes with class 3.  It has a few slides that practice the "Th" words in the book. Also some of the excuses used earlier.
The Plant's vs. Zombie game just practices suggestions. The idea is to make the sentence "Let's go (activity) this (time)"
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Word scramble. Short and simple, covers the target activities.

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good for Lesson 6 intro

hope you find it helpful


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Not exactly sure if this is the thread for it, so Mods, apologies if you have to move it. Anyway, this is a review ppt and game that covers lessons 1-6. The practice ppt is pretty straightforward (ellicit the key phrases/make sentences from previous chapters). My kids are low level, so it's not particularly long or difficult. I think the only chapter that isn't represnted in this ppt is lesson 6, which is covered in the game.

As for the game,  my co-teacher doesnt like bomb games (neither do I, frankly), so this is more interactive. Start off by printing the 2 sets of name cards (1 set has names, the other set doesn't).cut them and keep them in separate "has names" and "doesn't have names" piles.*  Then, pick one or two students to come up to the board. Hand out the "has names" pile to the students who are sitting - 1 card to each student. Once all of the cards are handed out, have the students at the board pick 1 card each from the "doesn't have names" pile. Now, game time: the students who are sitting will ask a series of 4 questions to the students at the board (the questions and prompts are on the second ppt) and the students at the board will answer by the information given on their cards. By the last question, the students who are sitting should be able to tell if their card matches the person's standing at the board. If their card matches, they stand up and say "Hi, I'm Albert (Einstein)! Let's go _______." (they can either make something up or, if they're really low level, I have slides on the PPT to assist them). The person at the board responds "sounds good!" and they both get stamps/stickers/rewards. Then, collect the cards, pick two more good students to stand up at the board, and redistribute the cards for another round.
My kids really enjoyed this game and it was a good way to fit in most of the key phrases from all of the lessons. My co-teacher liked it, too, because it focused more on the content than the points.

*Note: there are only 16 cards total, so if you have a big class of 30, this won't work as well
**Yes, yes, I know, Messi is from Argentina, not Spain and that he is not Spanish. My justification is that we learned the Spanish flag (not the Argentinian one) and that my kids absolutely love him and associate him with FC Barca. No offense meant and feel free to change.

I have modified the Avengers game to review lessons 1 to 6.

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I realized I haven't posted much of the material I used so I'm going to go through and post the decent stuff.

The station activity:  This is pretty good as an end of the lesson activity. The class desks/tables are arranged into 5 groups.  Each student get's a worksheet.  The worksheet should have the 1st ppt slide (the one with the crossword) on one side and the Redo MS word doc on the other. 
Each group of desks "station" should be given a number 1-5 and the students should only complete the part of the worksheet that corresponds with the station that they are at.  Additionally, the PPT slides need to be printed out and placed at the stations.  I usually put 4 at each.  When the student completes the work at one station they should move on to the next, 1 going to 2, 2 going to 3 ect.. They are not in teams and should not wait for their friends to finish.  I usually allow students to work together as long as the groups don't get to big or noisy. When the students finish they bring their paper to me or the KT for grading.  Any mistakes  (I choose to be strict on capitalizing the beginning of sentences and putting a period or question mark at the end.) and the students have to write the answer twice on the back before I will sign off on it.  Perfect scores are rewarded with a stamp, sticker, whatever.  I use this activity at the end of most of the lessons.  It works pretty well and takes about 25 minutes.  Some students won't finish in time.  These students may do better next time if you collect the papers, grade and return them next class.  It's a lot of work grading all of the papers, but it motivates the Ss a lot.  Takes about 25 minutes when the Ss know how it works.

Running Dictation:  Hang the 12, or less if you choose, sentences around the room.  One students sits at the desk while the other goes and reads the sentence, then comes back and relays it to the writing student.  Have them switch half way through.  Again checking their work is crucail to this working.  Takes 10-15 minutes when they know what they're doing.

Zombie Game:  I think you can figure it out if you read the PPT.  The students love this speaking activity, but one of my KTs thinks that zombies are to "scary" for elementary students...

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Grade 5, Lesson 6 - "Let's Go Fishing" - L&S1
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This is a pass the ball game for after Listen & Speak 1....I modified a ppt from another user.

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Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 5, Lesson 6 - "Let's Go Fishing"
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let's go sudden attack etc...

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Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 5, Lesson 6 - "Let's Go Fishing"
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Word Shark hangman game based on activity/sports vocabulary...

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Re: (천재교육 Cheonjae) Grade 5, Lesson 6 - "Let's Go Fishing"
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For period 4 and 5 we are doing a kind of pictionary game with the students. In our class we have 5 teams, we will play the game one team at a time. One student from the team will come up to the white board and we will give them an activity to draw. For example, doing homework, going to a baseball game. The other students in their team will then need to guess the activity and respond using the key expressions from the current lesson. If they guess correctly their team will get one point but if they can not guess with in the time limit the next team in line will have a chance to steal the point.