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(YBM Maria Oh) Grade 5, Lesson 4 - "Whose Dress is This?"
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Here is the teacher's book (in Korean and English) for Lesson 4 - Whose Dress is This?

Also attached are the book images for the lesson's vocabulary.

Finally, there is a worksheet for the listening and speaking parts of the lesson.
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Harry Potter theme to match the Story Time.

- Worksheet with structures, vocab, dialogs, a sentence unscramble and a code breaker activity
- Vocab PPT
- Prepositions Of PPT
- Fashion Around the World PPT, for the Hello World section...mainly will use to have students point out different items and make a little bit of conversation
- Harry Potter lucky wheel game, thanks to the template's creator.

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Some preposition games / reviews I found on my school computer...

1. A simplified preposition diagram. I am going to handout one to each student.
2. PPT--An introduction reviewing clothing, the difference between "where is" and "where are" and prepositions.
3. A worksheet that goes with the PPT. Students have to identify where things are in a messy room.

Here is a very simple worksheet that I made for this lesson ("Whose Dress is This?").

The first page is a simple word search and the second page is a "connect the English word to the Korean word".

Feel free to modify.

1. A PPT reviewing the difference between this and these, also his and hers.
2. A worksheet (meant to be doublesided) with exercises over the above.

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This lesson correlates with two lessons from last year's book: old Lesson 9: Whose Boat is This? and old Lesson 3: It's Under the Table

Old lesson nine focused on possessives (mine, yours, his, hers, ___'s).  LOTS of materials here:,929

Old lesson three focused on prepositions of place (in, on, under, etc.).  LOTS of materials here:,817

Our book isn't really focusing on the prepositions much, and I noticed that they're also included in lesson 13: My Favorite Animal is the Polar Bear.   I will introduce prepositions this lesson, but go back and cover them more extensively next semester.

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Here are my best materials from last year's Lesson 9.

1) Whose is this? Guessing ppt - using cartoon characters.  Changed a few pics from the original.

2) Animal Eyes ppt - modified from someone else's. 

3) Whose ___ is it? ppt with celebrities and short song clips.  Also slightly modified from someone else.

4) Whose dung is this? storybook ppt - Korean kids seem to  love this story.  I added animation, including a white box over the title slide so it's a surprise when you start the slide show.

5) Donald Duck: Three for Breakfast ppt - Someone else found the cartoon and made the original ppt, which I changed some.  Youtube: (link also included in the middle of the ppt, so you can show it after introducing the characters and vocab)

6) K-pop Whose song bomb game ppt - The "new" songs are several months dated now, but the kids should still know them.  Modification from the original download: added animation to the pictures of the band.  They can get an extra point if they know the answer before seeing the picture.

Thanks to all the original posters!

I also have a K-pop song posted here that you can use with this lesson:,929.msg169120.html#msg169120
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a matching game using the preposition picture from above, and the matching game template from somewhere else. 

I liked the cartoon idea but my kids couldn't tell the difference between Chip and Dale.
So I made a PPT using a Mickey Mouse cartoon (Hansel and Gretel.)
I have also attached a worksheet for them to do in partners while watching the cartoon.

Enjoy :)

I got this from another thread and changed it a bit.
It is a PPT teaching the construction:

"whose ___ is this?"
" It's ____'s"

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:) my co teacher asked me to prepare a ppt on Where is.... and Whose this?
Its very short.

I made a PPT for this unit that only focuses on "Whose something is this?" (Whose bow is this? It's Hello Kitty's bow. OR This is Hello Kitty's bow.) and "Whose things are these?" (Whose glasses are these? They are Harry Potter's glasses.) Warning: your kids might go crazy like mine did! So it might be best to show this PPT at the end of class. It will probably take 15-20 mins.

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I liked the cartoon idea but my kids couldn't tell the difference between Chip and Dale.

I made sure the students noticed Dale has a red nose (before starting the cartoon).  It worked pretty well for me, plus it's funnier if they get it wrong!
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Here are some videos I'm using for motivation, etc.

Finding Nemo Seagulls "MINE":
This was great for day 1.  Show it before having the students open their books and have them guess the lesson topic.

Prepositions Song "Where is Shompy?":
Using it instead of the song in the book on Day 2.  Teaches "In - On - Under - Over - In front - Behind" with hand motions.  (I changed the "in front" and "behind" motions to open hand so it makes more sense that way.)

Lazy Town "It's Mine" song:
Practicing "Mine" some more.

Possessives Song "Whose Puppy is It?":
Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns (my-mine, your-yours, etc).

Animated Storybook "It's Mine" by Leo Lionni:
Not sure if I'll use this, but it does use the sentence "It's Mine" a lot. 

Annoying Orange: Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple:
Just because the students always want to see more Annoying Orange, and it ties in with the Harry Potter theme for Story Land. *You can click the "CC" button at the bottom of the video for English subtitles.

Whose [     ] is this? Game

Split the class into 3 or more teams.  Choose 2 students (from different teams) to go outside (works best if co-teacher goes with them to make sure they don't peek in).

Take something from the remaining team (pencil, eraser, pen, marker, etc.).  Remind the students not to give hints (pointing or saying the name of the student), otherwise their team gets MINUS 1 POINT.

Bring back the two students and do rock-paper-scissors to see which is first.

Have the class ask together "Whose [pencil] is this?"

1st students guesses "It's [Min-sung]'s."  If correct, [Min-sung] says "Yes, it's mine," and give 3 POINTS to the team whose student guessed correctly.  If wrong, [Min-sung] says "No, it's not mine," and second student can guess.  2 POINTS for correct guess on the 2nd try, and 1 POINT for the 3rd-4th try.  If neither student gets it after 4 guesses, the team you took the object from gets 1 POINT.

The classes I've done this with really enjoyed it, and it's a practical application of the lesson's target language.  A lot better than the card game on day 2!!
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Ubiquitous Mario Game. Thanks to the original maker.

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I took the previously posted bomb game for prepositions and changed the images to clothing instead of animals. The aim of the game is to make sentences such as 'The dress is on the hanger' or 'The pants are in the washing machine'.
I added slides at the beginning so you can pre-teach new vocabulary.

My students enjoyed the game. ;D
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Hey guys.
I got this from a 6th grade lesson from wesbroe and adapted it for grade 5 Whose dress is this?

Here's how to play:
Divide the class into 6 teams (the six colors).

Click on the first question, teams yell out their team name (change those if you will).  You call on a team and they give the answer.  If wrong another team and jump in.  If correct, then you click again and see what the reward is.  It is either "attack one", "attack two", or "heal ship one".  That team then chooses which team to attack.  The attacked team then gets 5 seconds to answer correctly the next question.  Teams cannot immediately attack the team that just attacked them.  You go until every team is dead except one.  Dead teams can't answer anymore.


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Battleship on A4. 

Note:  I switched the rules to this template to 1 ship of each size. 

Here is a preposition song from youtube. My grade 5s really liked it - one even said it sounded like Big Bang haha.

I made a 'fill in the blank' worksheet and a 'circe the answer' worksheet. The song is fairly fast so it was too hard for my students to write the words even with the answer box. But which worksheet you use depends on the abilities of your students.