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Grade 4 Help yourself
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Re: Grade 4 Help yourself
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PPT for period 2

Re: Grade 4 Help yourself
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Food ppt.

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Re: Grade 4 Help yourself
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I used this for the last lesson of this chapter alomg with two activities from page 94 and 95 (check box and missing letter) The kids loved both games but the 'go fish' gamewas better for making them speak.

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Re: Grade 4 Help yourself
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Hi everyone. I forgot to post some stuff last year, so sorry that this is so late. I realize that Gangnam Style is out-of-date now, but 4th Graders don't seem to care...they still like it. The Gangnam Style PPTs are the only things that I totally made...except of course for the template^^...the rest of these PPTs are modifications of Amywilde's stuff or some other teachers from eSnips. Anyway, I hope that this helps a little, since there's not much available for this chapter.

Oh, the Food Card Game is a modification of the textbook's Game Box 2 on page 94. You can print out Amy's Go Fish cards for this, too. My co-teacher and I printed out one set for each pair, with 18 cards (2 of the same) in each set.

As a side note, I think that it's important to focus on the differences between these expressions:

1) Help yourself.
2) Do you want some----?
23) Do you want some more ----?

My co-teacher and I tried to make sure that the students understood that you're not supposed to take food from someone if you say, "do you want some more?" You should wait to be served. You TAKE what you want when someone says, "help yourself," but you RECEIVE a little when someone asks if you want some more. They didn't seem to really know the difference before, so that's why I like to focus on that.