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Chinese Zodiac Lesson
« on: January 14, 2011, 09:58:44 am »
This is actually for my advanced 6th grade girls, but it may be even too complicated for the smarties, so I'm posting it in the Middle School section.

My winter camp is finished today, but next week (to keep me busy I assume) I have 3 days of small group lessons for some advanced girls.  This is a 3-day Chinese Zodiac lesson that I made, with homework involved (as suggested by my co-teacher), which could be done in class if there is time.  The homework would just be using a dictionary to translate words, because the first day there are a LOT of vocab words.  Alternatively you could translate them all yourself...

The first day we learn words about personality which will be in the reading in day 2.  Then we complete a worksheet and talk about what we feel our own personalities are.

The second day we do a reading about the Chinese Zodiac, and learn about the animals and their personality traits. 

The third day we compare our personality traits to our Zodiac animal.

Again, this is for advanced students, but I'll probably end up dumbing it down a lot for them anyway.

and of course edit and revise for your own purposes!  Hope it comes in handy~