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High School Easter Lessons
« on: March 24, 2008, 03:29:38 pm »
I'm playing the South Park card this week and using my usual lesson format to wrap it up as edutaintional.

  • Native Speaker gives students a pop quiz on Easter. 10 minutes.
  • Native Speaker goes over the pop quiz.  5 minutes.
  • Native Speaker demonstrates Easter by playing South Park Video. 20 minutes.
  • Students perform Crossword worksheet.  10 minutes.
  • Native Speakers goes over Crossword worksheet. 5 minutes.

  • The kids got most of the religious aspects of Easter although they were confused about the nonreligious aspects, like 'eat raw eggs' and 'rabbits dipped in chocolate.'
  • The smart students know to write down the words that the class brainstorms for Easter symbols.  Be sure to mention the words used in the crossword activity at this point.
  • There's almost too much work in this lesson so the timing of this class can go wrong if the kids are slow.

The video is EP11-4 Fantastic Easter Special and is online with Korean subtitles through

The crossword was created from Variety Game's Crossword Maker.

More information about my lessons can be found here.
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Re: High School Easter Lessons
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My post is still fresh enough to warrant a gratuitous youtube video to be shared with students and co-teachers...

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Re: High School Easter Lessons
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hey! I'm writing this from an iPhone. Nice lesson plan :) the video makes me think of Adam and Karin's rabbit.
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Re: High School Easter Lessons
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2010, 10:13:01 am »
In case anyone is looking to fill a bit of time, a hastily thrown together Easter powerpoint with the barest of info <well the vernal equinox stuff is a bit random>. My school likes when I share Western culture tidbits. Oh, and I picked a wordsearch to go with it that had vernal equinox as a word so felt like I should attempt to explain it's relevance <same with Eastre>. The moral here is to pay more attention to word searches you download before you print them off! Something to work with though. Cheers all

Re: High School Easter Lessons
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great material!  i'll be using this for my teachers' conversation workshop.  thanks for sharing!

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Re: High School Easter Lessons
« Reply #5 on: April 22, 2011, 12:41:12 pm »
I can't manage to get this episode with korean subtitles. I've looked on Daum but then it just links back to youtube and has english subtitles. Can anyone help?