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I've been told that I need to teach from the textbook at one of my schools.  The first lesson is 'Making an e-pal' and they need to use the expression 'we have a lot in common.'  Here is the start of my ppt (not finished)

If anybody has some good ideas for this textbook please let me know.
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Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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Hey, there is a website, and they have some pretty neat stuff. I was looking on there but found it a little hard to find stuff for English speaking highschools but it could be some good brainstorming to finish up your power point. I just wish I had smaller classes so I could do one of the epal projects.

Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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hey! i'm assuming we are using the same text -- english 1 with the redhead and the black guy in the red shirt on the cover?

i am having them break into groups of 5 and i've assigned them actual e-pals, my friends from home. (i'm an actor and i teach at an arts school, so it is really helpful...all of my friends are dancers, musicians, etc. so they have that in common.) then i made an email template, and they just have to fill in the blanks. (like, "hi, ____! our names are ____________. ... what is it like in ________?") leading up to them making their own questions as well.

even if you don't send it to anyone, you could still have them practice it.

wish us both luck!

Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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oh my! I also am using that book for g2 also. I've just tried to stick to the teacher talking time of ~15mins/ class (I would just introduce key expressions, vocab, etc during this time). The remainder of the time I try to keep the students talking as much as possible, HOWEVER, they always have to be pushed--I end up walking around the whole class (during their "talk with your group time") conversing with the student myself.

Since I've noticed the "discuss with your group members" doesn't work so well, (and takes less than 5 mins) I'm going to try to make some class activity where I break students down to bigger groups to compete for stuff (although I was against giving them candy as prizes--i thought I could make things interesting without using rewards)...

..But still, the students are shy and when they do participate, its the same few students who participate. I end up calling on random students, but I don't like putting them on the spot.

I guess I just have to find better activities to get more people involved!

Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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Cool!  I try to do fun activities at the start of the lesson..which is not always related to the textbook.  I think that if I were to do a textbook only class then the students would be bored and falling to sleep.  I've only taught two pages from the textbook so far. 

I hope to kick off with a fun activity to wake them up and then do the textbook material.

Gook to see there are other teachers teaching this textbook too. :)

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Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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This is what I have been doing with it.  Having the students tell what they have in common with, and how they are different from celebrities and each other.  Its been going pretty, well lots of participation.

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Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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I made a seating chart with every class in the first week, with names and what they like. After reviewing the language I pick names at random to practice various forms of "have common with".  It seems to work pretty well.  It's funny for them because of what they had said they liked the first time we met (girls, me, maekchu) and it's easy to control because they're nervous about who i'll pick next.  I normally don't pretend to be random but I do try and hit at least half the class or more.  Follow that up with a group speaking activity ftw!

I only do written work as an outside of the class follow up activity, which i check at the beginning of the next class.

Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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As a warm up to 'ways to learn English' I let them watch the Berlitz advert of the German coastguard who thinks he hears 'We're thinking' instead of 'We're sinking.'  The german coastguard responds with 'what are you thinking about?' and I thought that was funny and some of the kids laughed.

I feel that the textbook is too hard for them but I help them as much as I can.  I even write down how they can answer me on the white board.

I asked for each desk to have a number on it and I will prepare some chopsticks with numbers on them so I can pair students up.

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Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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Okay so here's my take on making an E-Pal. I was told not to teach using the book but to use the language from the book. I ended up not using the listening portion from the books CD because my laptop doesn't have a CD drive and the computer at my visiting school has a broken CD drive. Once I did finally get a computer that worked, installation of the CD was in Korean and we couldn't figure it out. Anyway, here's my lesson.

The first slide is a segue from last weeks intro where I had them list their hobbies. Then there's a mingle activity where they have to find two people who are interested in each hobby. At the brainstorm slide I asked the class to suggest ways to learn English and wrote them on the board. Then on the board I would check off which of the three learning style categories the way to learn English uses.

Honestly, I think that the whole visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning style thing is sort of cliche and totally overused. It's an okay model I guess, but it doesn't really help much aside from explaining why classroom teaching with large classes (which is what I have to do) works poorly. I just included it because it was in the book and it got at the "it means that" target language (kinda).

At the Making an E-Pal slide I showed the class the language exchange website

The next part is a team based game where they have to form the sentences shown and get various quasi-random points depending on the sentence. If they can't form a sentence they pass and the next team can try.
Lastly they have to make sentences saying that their classmates have a lot in common using the worksheet from the beginning of class.

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For my G2 students, I was told to use the book and only focus on the "Language Focus" section of the book <pages 30-31> which is a hodgepodge of knowledge to go over.  But to make it more interesting I started off with a short review of the previous pages of the chapter and incorporating learning English with "their dream."

Here's the PPT I made and the latter half of it is going over "Language Focus" so those who aren't teaching that could adjust it however you please~ Hopefully this helps you out with your lesson planning!!

1.) First I went over why learning English is beneficial
2.) Then incorporated Korean celebrities and their dream and why they needed to learn English
with these slides I'm showing videos of them actually speaking English <if you look them up on English it's really simple to find these videos>
3.) I'm contemplating whether I want to give the students a handout or not... but it would consist of these questions:

-What is your dream?
-What do you want to do when you grow up?
-Does your dream involve English? Yes or no?
-Why do you need English?

Then have them share with a partner and then share with the class.. usually students don't volunteer so I have to call someone out

4.) The last portion is the "Language Focus" which I tried to break it down for them and give them plenty of examples

I'm not teaching this lesson till Monday so I still have a few days to tweak it so please upload any other materials, because I couldn't find a link to anything for this book

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« Reply #10 on: March 16, 2012, 10:24:40 am »
This thread also refers to that section of this book:,5293.0.html

Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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I am required to teach the part that is in the book, but to make it more interesting, I tried to add some extra things including a warm-up activity to show what they have in common and a Facebook activity at the end. With my class, I had an example of my Facebook page for them to see as an example, but took it out for the ppt I put on here.

Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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 These all sound like well though out plans, I could use any advice I can get to make this book's lessons more fun, especially group activities that have different dynamics. I Am feeling stressed out by a teacher that wants soo much. So any activity ideas would be great.

Re: HS G2 Making an e-pal
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I had to make a lesson based on this same material.

I had the students work in groups to create an E-Pal profile, based on the activity on page 15 of the book, for a celebrity. I made a worksheet with different celebrity pictures, and the students had to write the profile as if they were Johnny Depp or whoever. They had to think about the celebrity's hobbies, interests and who they have them in common with. They can read their profiles at the end of class and make it into a guessing game.

It went over real well and the students usually enjoy anything that relates to celebrities.