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This would be a really good lesson for a discussion class, but can be used in others.

The purpose of this lesson is to try to get students to begin thinking about other places and other cultures.  This is pretty much going to be my theme for the semester and this seemed like a good way to start it out.

After going through the powerpoint with them, I break them up into groups and get them to answer the following (other questions would be good if you need to drag the class out a bit longer):

1) Name the 3 most important parts of Korean culture.
2) Name 2 benefits of multiculturalism.
3) Are there any problems with multiculturalism? What are they?

This could easily be turned into a debate for a discussion class.

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Re: Mulitculturalism
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this is a great topic! I've been scratching my head on how to teach my students Canadian culture, while thinking we don't really have one main culture. Thanks for reminding me that multiculturalism and accepting people the way that are is the Canadian way to go! :D
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