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Lesson 10 Brush your teeth
« on: October 18, 2013, 01:51:27 pm »
Is this your _____? and activities.

Here are some songs that I'm thinking about using for this lesson (Superman kids dance song for the activities part of this section) (Daily Routines) (Ownership song)

Here are some activities that I'm thinking about using - have taken some ideas from similar lessons on here.

1) One student leaves the room. The teacher then chooses an item. The student comes back and is shown the item. He must ask 'Is this your -------?' and the other students must answer 'Yes, it is.' or 'No, it isn't.'

With my better behaved classes I will let them guide the student by clapping loudly when he is close to the student and quietly when he is far away. With my louder classes - I will not include the clapping element.

2) Give half the students a sheet of paper with different items on that they have 'lost'. The other students will have flashcards of the lost items. They have found the items and must try to get them back to their correct owner by asking 'Is this your____-?' etc

3) Heads down 7 up variation game.
I will tell a back story that someone ate my pizza and that I'm very angry. I will then say that the person who ate my pizza dropped their key (can choose a different item).
My students know the heads down 7 up game. I will then tell them that if I touch their thumb it is their key. If I touch their shoulder they are the police and they must find who's key it is.

Re: Lesson 10 Brush your teeth
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bananaphone game I found in a different grade, modified to fit this lesson