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Music for Girls' High School 2
« on: October 27, 2008, 01:40:18 pm »
This is part two of the music lesson I came up with.

Again, I have designed this lesson for girls, but can be easily modified simply by choosing another music artist. Most of my girls know who Hilary Duff is which was why I chose her for this lesson - definately helps to keep the interest going!

I give the students a copy of Hilary Duff's song 'wake up', usually one-between-two as it's reasonably hard for them to do, so much easier in pairs. I load the song on and all they need to do is fill in the blanks. Generally I play the  song thru twice as it's quite fast-paced so hard for them to keep up with.
We review the answers on the board, so this section usually takes 15 min total.

I then give them a copy of Hilary Duff's biography (again one between two) and a copy of music worksheet two, and have them read thru the story and find the answers to the questions given on the worksheet. This usually takes them about 15 min, and again we review the answers on the board.

To finish this lesson I give them a quick speaking activity where each student thinks of three music related questions, and then works in a group of four, asking and answering eachothers' questions. I usually demonstrate by asking the students a few music related questions first and mimic writing their answers on my paper, so it's very easy for them to pick up on what to do.
I find there is usually 5-7 min left over at the end, this is when I set their homework, but is also a good time to finish with a quick game as a reward!
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