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Friendship lesson - Intermediate/low
« on: April 12, 2011, 07:55:39 am »
There are 3 links - just copy and past OrangutanAndHound  into google click to open the youtube that appears. while they listen to the latter they fill in the worksheet.
When I teach the vocab words and phrases  I concentrate on drilling new words, pronuciation AND sentence construction; depending on which word or phrase I am teaching for example they all say "swieming" instead of swimming and "diep" instead of dip and wieth instead of with. And on the slide that says SHARING I go "here's a boy here's a girl and here's an ice cream, finish the sentence.... "The boy _...... Some struggle so I make them repeat what they have right so far till they construct: The boy is sharing his ice cream with the girl. and emphasise WITH not "wieth" etc Others include: she_........ IS worn out  / the shoes _........ARE worn out.
Anyway almsot all the vocab and phrases are in the video clip "Orangutan and Hound" The other two clips are on the slides - when the slide show is in full swing, just click on the link and it will open.
This lesson is great if you want to cut the students some slack and just have them enjoy fun clips - but they do learn quite a lot if you teach them the target vocab and phrases. I make them say it a couple of times, make them comeplete sentences etc. 
Have fun with it. The students love the vidio clip Orangutan and the Hound (it is a National Geographic clip found on Youtube). Almost all the students know National Geographic.
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Re: Friendship lesson - Intermediate/low
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2013, 09:46:13 am »
This is just such a marvelous lesson plan Lettie. My co-worker just sprang open class on me  :cry: but I have been saved!!! Thanks for the upload.  :cheesy: