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American Culture Jeopardy
« on: September 25, 2009, 12:40:16 pm »
I used this with my 2nd grade middle school boys.  They really enjoyed it.

I have 36 students in each class so the way I have the class set up is by having 6 teams each with small white boards and markers/erasers.  I roll a 6 sided die to choose the team who will select the category.  They select category/point value and we read the question as a class (slowly).  I count down from 10 usually and then say boards up.  I have the boys hide their answers until then.  I count slower or faster depending on the difficulty of the question.  After they show their boards then I click on the slide revealing the picture and then answer.  Then they shout and celebrate!  It's a lot of fun.  If only one team gets the correct answer, I'll let them choose the next category/points; if not I just roll the die to select.


Re: American Culture Jeopardy
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This sounds like a great lesson, however my school computer only has the old powerpoint and not the pptX. Could you please save as the old powerpoint(97-03 i believe) and post that please.

Thanks Alot!

Just a note - you can download and install OpenOffice for free. OpenOffice will recognize pptX files. You can then resave them as ppt.

Also, there is a patch that will allow older versions of Office to open pptx files. You can get that from Microsoft at:

Re: American Culture Jeopardy
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here ya go...