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Jobs PPT
« on: April 18, 2011, 03:19:15 pm »
A list of jobs with pictures for vocab.
With a set of playing cards.

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Re: Jobs PPT
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hey did you make this 45 minutes..what did you do with the cards?

Re: Jobs PPT
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With the cards, we had some dialogue from the English book about "My dream is to become a pianist.  How about you?"  "My dream is to become an engineer" "I hope your dream comes true." So the kids would play Go Fish with the cards by asking about the jobs in the cards.

We had to practice the dialogue a few times out loud and in pairs before the game though.

Or you could delete the names and make them into flashcards.

I had students define the jobs with what they do during the powerpoint.  Free-thinking takes a while.  And we might have had a warm up activity where everyone had to write a job on the board or talked about skills required to do jobs because that was in the same section of their book.

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Re: Jobs PPT
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A simple job vocabulary worksheet and powerpoint. It goes with the Grade 3 middle school textbook lesson 'Dream Jobs'