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This is a cooking project.

Lesson 1...I hand out vocab worksheets on cooking...(
We make a recipe on the board how to make ramyeon in 3 sections; tools, ingredients and method.  Then do a quick review on the powerpoint.

Students are put into groups to start designing their posters.

Lesson 2...poster design and mini lesson on how to give a presentation.

Lesson 3 presentations!


Re: Cooking
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I taught an after school cooking class for middle school students this semester (90 minute class).  My class was limited in the fact that we couldn't actually cook lol.  We only had access to a microwave for heating things and we had a very tiny budget.  Even so the kids were excited about most of the things we got to make and it was a fun class.  I'm attaching all my recipes.  Sorry I'm from the US so lots of the measurements are tablespoons etc.  In general lots of guestimation was involved to keep things easy (we used a standard soup spoon as a tablespoon, a school water cup as 1 cup etc.)

The first two weeks I spent introducing students to class rules (cooking safety rules, cleaning up after yourself, etc) and cooking/ food terminology.  We made cooking notebooks (big thanks to gigigaulin for the great recipe book format).  I used a lot of other good cooking games and resources on waygook but unfortunately the search function isn't working now so I can't find/give credit to the creators.  Activities I used include the fabulous original "Describing Food lesson", Mr. Bean makes a sandwich, ordering food, and Food flags (by snow30).

I began each class with reading through the new recipe and directions.  New English words and their Korean equivalent were added to the students cooking notebooks (separated into ingredient /directions /other word glossaries). I had a small class so students generally got to make each recipe individually.  For the peanut butter bars, smoothies, and no-bake cookies we made one batch as a group.

I hope these are useful.  Enjoy!