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Flee Fly Flo song
« on: November 17, 2009, 09:36:39 am »
This is just something I'm doing for a bit of fun & pronunciation practice of the F and L sounds.  Some of you may know the old repetition song from when you were younger but basically one person says a line, the other person repeats it. You can do it to the beat of clapping your hands (once together, then once on your knees...).

It's also been made into a song by Fe-m@le. The link to the youtube video is under the title in the handout.

I use just the chorus to get my kids talking but you can also use a shorter version of it to get them to shut up... just tell them to repeat:


Flee Fly

Flee Fly Flo

Flee Fly Flo Flum
(stress the -um)

As it finishes with their mouthes closed, they "should" be silent... at least for a second.

Anyway, use it how you will, and have fun with it.