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Lesson Plan Master List
« on: October 15, 2006, 07:47:55 pm »
*Under Construction

Welcome to the Lesson Plan Master List! 

Here are the best topics from this board, Elementary, Middle School, High School, Multi-Level Concepts and Lessons, Summer/Winter Camp Lessons, and Adult Lessons.

Lesson Plans, Ideas and References
Teaching the teachers, workshop ideas, and other advanced learners
* "A Prayer for Children" - poem and discussion questions
* Are Korean Men the Rulers?
* Dear Abby - from the Korea Times, in both English and Korean.
* Desert island activity
* Games that work for teachers and students - includes bingo, pictionary, outburst, sentence races, and quiz games
* Generic activities for workshops - derived from bogglesworld and the JLP resource book
* High School Now & Then
* International Women's Day
* Marriage survey
* Lateral thinking
* Random psychology stuff - a collection of worksheets
* Remembrance Day - November 11th

Elementary Index
Grade 3 Index - Public school books with links to specific lessons.
Grade 4 Index - Public school books with links to specific lessons.
Grade 5 Index - Public school books with links to specific lessons.
Grade 6 Index - Public school books with links to specific lessons.

Kindergarten Lessons - Resources and Advice
Elementary Grades 1 & 2 - Resources
Alphabet Lessons/Resources
Phonics Lessons/Resources
Marty's Videos For Young Learners
After School Class Lessons/Resources
Story PPTs - Children's books through PPT

Middle School

High School
A/an/the - using articles
Being polite
Cube of fortune
Extreme sports
Holidays Around the World
Music - students listen to different genres of music and learn to comment on them.  Very popular!
Pronunciation exercise
Reading / Writing activity - Based on a video, can take two or three class periods.
Short stories
Snow White, new ending
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
Stupid Jokes - students are given the set-up and must find the punchline
Welcome to Hollywood - movies
What did you do this weekend?
Ye Olde Party Activity

Multi-Level Concepts and Lessons
PowerPoint Game Templates
Powerpoint Template Mega-Pack - Over 50 PPT Templates by RufusW including Bomb Games, Reviews, Trackers, Quizzes, and Grids.
Game Templates & Tools - Daejeon - Bomb games and more that are constantly updated.
PPT Video Tutorials - Daejeon's Tutorials on how to make awesome PPT games
Star Wars - English Adventure Game
Starcraft Bomb Game
Super Mario Bomb Game Template

Games for all levels
Games Galore
Games for Small Classes

Family Feud - requires quite a bit of preparation.
Famous name game
Password pictionary
Race to the finish
Silent Ball
Silly Sentence Game
Soldiers and Ninjas
Steal, switch, or bust
Typhoon and 195 Typhoon Questions
Vocabulary drill
Word chain race

Songs and Chants (PPT, Pop, Jazz chants, Nursery rhymes)
PPT Songs with Lyrics
Jazz Chants

Videos (Class starters, For fun)
Pixar/Animated Shorts Activities
Share your favourite Youtube videos or pics for class starters

Emergency Lesson Plans
Emergency Lesson Plan for Grade 5/6
Superstition Lesson Plan for High Level Students

School Broadcasts

* Korean flag
* Etiquette - Situational etiquette and "faux pas," designed for high school, but can be modified (no lesson plan attached).
* Proverbs and Values
* Remembrance Day - November 11th, the same day as yet another Korean consumer-oriented holiday
* Superstitions and Friday the 13th
* Western food

Emergency Lesson Plans
Plans to use when you can't think of anything else to do, when you get stuck with a surprise class, or when you've been given a classroom of students for no apparent reason.  If any of these sound good, it's a good idea to keep print outs of these on hand so you can break them out in a jiffy.
* Giving praise / encouragement / condolences - low-prep activity for mid-level MS students
* Konglish / Korean English / English in Korean activity - students are given a paper with all the letters of the alphabet listed (this paper is attached in the post), and working in groups, they will come up with Konglish words or English words in Korean for each letter.  Points are assigned, and I encouraged groups to choose words that are unique and that other groups didn't think of.
* Korean in English, or English in Korean - put students in groups of four(-ish), have them come up with ten words that are Korean but come from English.  Give them about 15 minutes.  Then go around the room and get their answers; BUT no two teams can have the same word, so students will have to think of unique words.  By the end of class you've got a board with 80 or so English words they didn't realize they knew!
* Low-tech activities - some of these activities---"find the mistake," "pronunciation activity," and "autograph activity" in particular---can be adapted to any textbook passage or article you have lying around, or can be molded to fit any set of questions you like.
*"What job will you have?" and interviewing a neighbor/friend - can be adapted for all levels and can fit one or two periods.
* Word searches are available from Discovery's Puzzle Maker

First class of the year activities
* About me
* Find someone who - customizable, elementary, beginner and intermediate, first class or review.
* Introduction sheets - middle school, high school, introductions, attendance, partner work, "Typhoon" activity
* Likes and dislikes
* "Why Learn English" - powerpoint, aimed at middle school boys

* Map and notable places activity - middle school, high school, countries, continents, oceans, notable places.

High School

Sequence from Jellomando:
Here is a year's worth of lessons from contributor jellomando.  They are based on multimedia, so read through them thoroughly before bringing them into the classroom. 
* 01 - Introductions
* 02 - Classroom Rules
* 03 - Classroom English
* 04 - Adjectives
* 05 - Sports
* 06 - Geography
* 07 - Prepositions
* 08 - Greetings
* 09 - Paralanguage
* 10 - Geography II: Europe
* 11 - Comics & Cartoons
* 12 - Comics & Cartoons: South Park
* 13 - Food Pyramid
* 14 - Hallowe'en
* 15 - Geography III: Asia
* 16 - Comparatives & Superlatives
* 17 - Advertising
* 18 - Thanksgiving
* 19 - Konglish
* 20 - Geography IV: Africa
* 21 - Christmas
* 22 - Review
* 24 - St. Patrick's Day
* 25 - Easter
* 23 - Valentine's Day
* 26 - Geography Lesson V: The Americas
* 27 - Analytical Thinking
* 28 - Word Games
* Future lessons
* Oral exam rubric

* Christmas (12 days of Xmas)
* Christmas Bingo
* Christmas card - another Christmas card activity
* Christmas Card activity
* Christmas Snowflake - folding paper and making a snowflake
* Christmas Typhoon Questions
* Christmas ("Merry Christmas Mr. Bean")
* Halloween - Michael Jackson's "Thriller"
* Halloween (vocab and bingo)
* Halloween PPT and game
* Holidays Around the World
* Remembrance Day
* Thanksgiving - powerpoint, cloze, wordsearch for Canadian Thanksgiving.
* Thanksgiving recipes
April Fool's Day
Share Your Halloween Lesson Plan Ideas
Grade 3, Lesson 14 - Merry Christmas! (2010)

Miscellaneous Activities:
* A New Colony
* Cube of fortune
* Famous name game
* Free Hugs Campaign
* Globish
* Limericks
* Making telephone calls
* Mathematics English
* Race to the finish
* Riddles and puzzles
* Science Experiments
* Seasons and weather
* Steal, switch, or bust - game
* Talking about Korea
* Textbook scavenger hunt
* Tongue Twisters
* Typhoon and 195 Typhoon Questions
* What Bugs You
* Word chain race

* Music! - a VERY popular lesson about different genres of music.
* Song strips / Musical mistakes
* Sk8er Boi - lesson revolving around the Avril Lavigne song
* U2 - Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
* Under the Sea

* Activity list - a list of many pronunciation activities[/url]
* I'd like to buy a vowel
* Pair work - looks rather challenging, and might be better to build your own activity using the ideas.  I've found this sort of pair work goes well most of the time
* Phonics Fastball
* Vowel practice - probably best for high school students

* "I would rather" - middle school or high school, pair or group work.
* Opposites - crossword puzzle

Lesson Plan Templates

Summer/Winter Camp Lessons

Adult Lessons
What should I do during my teachers workshop?
Adult: Teachers' English Class Materials
Adult: How to Deal With Foreigners
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Re: Lesson Plan Master List
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So cool.  Would love to see an additional forum started for "non-PPT" lesson plans.  I've spent so much time creating original, funny, and entertaining ones the first month on the job, but the co-teachers seem to be getting tired of them. :(  We have so few supplies in the "teacher room" I get a little nervous to create different ideas for fear I won't be given the necessary materials to pull it off.  Love this site.

Re: Lesson Plan Master List
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2012, 03:15:41 pm »
This is a really good resource, however the links to the actual pages don't seem to work.  Will this be sorted out?  It seems like other people are having trouble linking from one page to another.  Even the pages I bookmarked no longer work.  Just an error message.  I really like and use the website a lot!  Hope it is fixed soon.